product launch / mograph

Onsite Opt-in

> Lead Brand Designer
> Art Direction
> Motion Designer + Sound design
> Teaser video
> Launch video
> (2) Customer Case Study videos
> Product Slides
Project Details:
Postscript took the brave leap to launch a new platform feature called Onsite Opt-in. This new features boasts delivering up to 3x more subscribers for their customers using OOI. The strategy of this feature is to maximize order conversion and maintain campaign attribution, by keeping visitors on site.

I lead the motion and video design for the big launch at the tail of our busiest season, Q4. This involved storyboarding, animating explorations and creating net new assets for the big reveal. My role required me to collaborate with PMM's, Talent, Leadership stakeholders and directors. Although this project was heavily animation and video related, my key decisions would prove evergreen and an evolution of the companies overall brand. This project had a major impact for the brand and industry by placing Postscript as a front runner in product development. Two of Postscripts biggest customers, Jones Road Beauty and True Classic, collaborated with us to provide a set of case study Q&A clips to piece together in the promotion of this launch.

Specs: Square, vertical and horizontal activations were required. (1:1, 9:16, 16:9)

Creative direction was lead by, Ryan Holmes, who I sat down with and generated ideas on what this major launch was going to look like for Postscript. His vision was using iPhones floating in a vast space as the eye candy with our motion touch and identity. The first of its kind for the company. This launch weighed heavily on the next years to come. It was important to get the feature value easy to understand and follow in a promotional video format. I worked closely with our voice talent to nail down the timing and cadence of the video. The voice acting had to match the music and characteristics of my animation choices. I was able to combine all into the final result with built amazing hype on our Linkedin channels. This launch had a large impact with over 70,000 impressions on linkedin and being nominated for a MEFFY award.

Watch the Teaser
Watch the Launch Video on linkedin

Launch Animations

Launch Trailer
Teaser Clips

Case Study videos

Project Details:
These were the supporting videos that would launch with the product. Jones Road Beauty and True classic answered questions such as: "What were your first impressions of Onsite Opt-in?", "What are the results you've seen so far...", and "How has the Onsite Opt-in experience impacted your customer journey?". I took this footage and wrapped it in the Cast Study brand guidelines I have built to highlight our customer answers in a segmented and digestable format. These two videos follow the guidelines and art direction of our branded Case Studies. My role was to clean up the footage provided, cut / eq and fit into my animation template which highlights the customer responses.

Watch Jones Road talk about Onsite Opt-in
Watch True Classic do the same.