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Case Study

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> Motion Design
> Video editing
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> Sub Brand Identity
> Video Series Branding
> Videos (16:9)
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Project Details:
Case studies at Postscript are a deep dive into the successes and barriers that customers face when navigating the Ecomm business. Our content team puts together a substantial article backed with data and real life situations. I lead this project to encapsulate that information in a bite sized video format. Creating the identity around this type of resource required working with video content, written data and customer photography. As part of a new phase on the Brand team, I explored the use of photography and customer products. Previously, the brand relied heavily on the use of EMOJI's. Our first round included Case study related emoji's, but as I experimented and explored further, we moved away from their use. In order to captivate an Enterprise audience, we diluted the amount of visuals to focus the attention on the customer answers. Each video is branded with our palette, with colors that resemble the customer highlighted. The photography and color scheme match to create a fishbowl experience from start to finish. A few limitations I faced on this project was the quality of the video content. Interviews were conducted / provided in a Zoom recording format. Resolution and overall result would be compromised with a full screen take over. I created a card system where the video content lived scaled down. This allowed me to create a upwards carousel to move between questions and answers.  

Motion GFX + Video

> Watch the live CS Videos
Obvi | Jones Road | True Classic
Storyboard — Filmstrip; Title sequence, Lower Thirds, Question sequence, Bumpers (opening / closing)
Storyboard — Filmstrip; Title sequence, Lower Thirds, Question sequence, Bumpers (opening / closing)

Case Study Thumbnails

When I joined the Postscript team, I immediately noticed there was no systemized way of creating thumbnails / visuals for the individual ongoing Case Studies. I built a template within our Figma components system to create a cohesive way of presenting each brand and their product photography. I repurposed photography provided by the brand to not only create impactful images but to increase our SEO success. These thumbnails now have a uniform execution and can be used as page link thumbnails, SEO covers and social media assets.

The first issue I found with the previous approach was having the word "Case Study" on every cover. This would cause an overwhelming experience when navigating the page. I reduced the covers to just photography x logo. The title of the article lives right below in a card style element. This helps recognization and navigation efficiencies.

See them all in action here: