OOH Campaign / production

Twitter Is

> Production Designer
> Production Templates
> Mograph Templates (Station Screens)
> OOH Mockups (PSD)
Project Details:
Twitter Is was a super cool take over of a few train stations in San Francisco (Powell) and New York City (Union Square.) Tweets from real users (with their permission) were taken and displayed everywhere possible as you walk into the train stations and throughout the station. My contribution to this project was setting up all the templates and working with the Design Director to finalize layouts and animations. I handled the deliverables such as Column Wraps, in-frame prints, floor graphics, stair graphics and TV monitor animations that would be filled with the real content by a production company. One of the challenges here was to keep the generic and well known Tweet layout consistent throughout different deliverables. Adjustments were made case by case however everything was uniform across the board. Station digital screens, printed signage, turnstiles and floor graphics were templatized and handed off to a production agency. I primarily worked on the Twitter side to prepare all the template files for all the applications and updating the presentations to get sign off. I created the animation for the digital screen applications.

Team Credits:
Design Director: Derrit DeRouen
Art Direction: Dixon Prewitt
Project Management: Julie Mastalerz, Jake Baruch
Production Designer: Joel Velasquez