Product Identity / Decks

SMS Sales Identity

> Art Direction
> Sr. Brand Designer
> Brand Identity
> Rebranded suite of presentations
> Deck Template
Project Details:
Postscript's very own SMS Sales department asked Studios (brand team) to refresh and give this product an identity. I built upon the only identity characteristic of the product, the color green. The color would be the alert sound before the message. The overall experience was needing a rehaul and restructure. I established the rule of utilizing the iconic set to enforce and partition different talking points. Evolving the already established "card" system, took a refreshing turn to encapsulate key elements to the speakers talk track. Numbers have their space, isolated by a supporting cast of icons and subheadlines. This rehaul involved a Brand decision, moving away from Postscripts emoji set. The company was at its next milestone of shifting towards an Enterprise hit list. This project initiated a domino effect to build cohesive product decks for the whole company. I lead this initiative and have successfuly launched several sets that have helped confirm demo's, scheduled sales calls, locked in huge deals and most importantly, supported Postscipts advocates during each of their calls or presentations.

The Why =

> To have an elevated suite of presentation decks
> A/B testing sales content / data during Sales pitches
> There is a set of presentations (10) that needed a cohesive visual identity
> There was no direction towards a cohesive system or identity, company—wide
> Outdated branding elements circulating internally and externally

Goals & Audience =
> Finalize a refreshed visual identity
> Provide a self—serve asset to the Sales team to use and build upon
> Used to target Super Enterprise, Enterprise customers

Copy has been altered for entertainment + confidentiality reasons. (shhhh)

Slide Assets


Project Details:
As part of my exploration phase, I presented the studio team with a cohesive identity system for all products underneath the Postscript umbrella. When I joined the team, I quickly found opportunities to brand and organize a suite of templates. This would heavily affect the future of Postscript. As I worked on a brand NEW company deck template, I took a lot from there and applied it to each products presentations. A cohesive system has been implemented since my exploration phase. A complete rehaul of all decks and all templates was part of my contribution. The type of decks that I have refaced are: Audit decks, Sales, Product launches, Internal / External activations and events. My work and system mentality has directly affected the state of Postscripts Decks.

Since the launch of the SMS Sales identity, and others, Postscript has signed on Enterprise customers and has made a impact in the industry. Since I created these templates with the mindset of helping our sales and CX reps, they have been able to add this useful resource during their high level business calls. This has directly affected the business of Postscript, in placing it as an Enterprise.

Some of the following examples did not make the selection in the final set, however, I strongly feel I was able to find a direct strategy to create a useful and self—serve system with a clear identity.