feature launch / mograph

Synthetic and Manipulated Media

> Motion Designer
> Launch Animation
> Localized versions (Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish and English)
Project Details:
Twitters new rule: You may not deceptively share synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm. In addition, we may label Tweets containing synthetic and manipulated media to help people understand their authenticity and to provide context.I was part of the team that worked on this launch video to announce the new feature applied to Tweets with potentially manipulated media from any source. Through the process it was understood this would be localized to different languages based off the english version and launched globally. This presented its own challenges working with other languages and fonts. This was a key driver for the visual decisions made for the video. Localized Languages: Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish.

**This has since been removed from the platform "X", I've broken it up into GIFS below**

Team Credits:
Creative Direction: Daniel Shapiro
Project Managment: Leah Ranahan
Animation: Joel Velasquez