product launch / mograph

Proj. Delight Feature

> Production Designer
> Launch Video (16:9)
> Localized versions (16:9, 1:1)
> Marketing gfx — statics
Project Details:
During the launch of the restructure of Twitter for Desktop I contributed on the production of the final Launch video, localized versions for several markets and animated GIFS for the specific features: Bookmark It, Display It and DM It. These were all launched on Twitters platform in their relevant markets.

Assets created included (in 3 languages) — Final launch video (16:9 and 1:1 formats), Animated gifs, Comm Screens, Blog header and Email header.

Team Credits:
Creative Direction: Daniel Shapiro
Project Management: Leah Ranahan
Animators: Kim Oldford, Conor Rechtschaffner, Joel Velasquez

Launch Video

Project Details:
Produced the final launch video along with localized versions in the languages: Japanese & Portuguese.

Social Media Campaign