ERG branding / celebration

Hispanic Heritage Month

> Lead Designer x Art Direction
> Motion Designer
> Keynote Template
> Design Guide
> Emoji GIF Animation
> Office Monitor Screens
> Social Account Header
> Sticker pack
> T-shirt design
Project Details:
Hispanic Heritage month is a month packed with celebration and joy. Hispanics from all over the globe join in celebration on Twitters platform. I worked on 2019's HHM Design Toolkit for #Studio @Twitter so they could use it internally and externally. All these assets were on brand with Twitters guidelines with visual representations of all Hispanics as a culture. Two emojis were created to reach all possible connections to a Hispanic Heritage.The well-known ñ and the ç are representing language as the overarching connection between hispanics from different countries. The ç was selected to bring representation of the Portuguese speaking nations as Spanish is not the only language that represents hispanics. The connection with a speech bubble which embodies what Twitteris all about, conversation, made it clear what the emoji stands for.

The hashtag's launched on Twitters' Alas account were:
#IAmLatinX, #ThisIsLatinX, #HispanicHeritageMonth, #LatinX, #HHM,
#HispanicHeritage, #LatinXHeritage, #LatinXImpact, #ImpactoLatino

Project Credits
Creative Direction: Dickson Bueno
Art Direction: Kathleen Buenviaje
Project Management: Kyra Ivanoff (toolkit)
Project Management: Janet  Scott
Design: Joel Velasquez