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Company Deck Template

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> Art Direction
> Deck Template (G-Slides)
> Illustrations
> NEW Slide templates
> Established Guidelines
Project Details:
Led the refresh and restructure of Attentive’s company—wide (external/internal) presentation template. I developed a 62 slide template that would serve as a self-serve resource to support mainly our Marketing, Sales, Expansion teams. This resource was available for all internal and external outreaches. The results I mapped out to reach were the following:
• Solve the implementation of phone mocks with a simple replace image feature
• Provide an array of illustrations that can serve many different themes and topics
• Create a resource that can serve different types of content and information.
• Create an efficient workflow to reduce guard rails to get through to create a presentation (editable sections, captions, iconography, illustrations, new layouts introduced.)

Based on the research and conversations had with the stakeholders + the PMM team, I developed solutions for every request given to the brand team. I started with Auditing what we currently had a company and solidifying that template by adjust any irregularities or inconsistencies. This eliminated wrong font sizes, weights and layouts that needed to be sunsetted.
Rules were introduced along with resources available to anyone with a attentive gmail account. This brand new refreshed tool was available immediately after launch. Outcome: This brand new shiny tool was immediately put to the use by our Product Marketing team, sales and scattered throughout the departments in the company. The brand new 3-Column layouts were appreciated as it broke the standard 50/50 split slide template. This created efficiency on other teams and less requests for the brand team to clean up decks was a win! This was all built within the Google ecosystem for the organization.